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Summer Pets Amnesty

Are your pet’s booster shots up to date?

During the pandemic, the importance of vaccination as a strategy to combat infectious disease has been well publicised.

As we move into summer, our dogs are walking and socialising more, while our cats might be out and about hunting and getting into general mischief! Therefore, it’s a good time to make sure their vaccines are up to date.

While we do our best to remind you when your pet’s yearly boosters are due, sometimes life gets in the way.

We’ve been working hard all year to get our pets fully vaccinated and are offering our vaccine amnesty at a discounted rate for the summer. Cats and dogs who are behind on their boosters can have their courses restarted for the price of the yearly jab.

And remember, this restart is included for Petclub members.

If you’d like more info on your pet’s vaccination status, please give us a call or if you’d like to book an appointment, do so via the link at the bottom of the page.

Ace Vets Pet Vaccines

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